UV coating processes have been around for some time, but few companies have implemented the technique. However, Fehst Componentes set up a completely new UV coating system for its production plant in Braga, Portugal, back in 2013, which would be suitable for coating flat plastic parts with a UV high-gloss paint for use in automotive interiors. The new system was designed especially to support the application of UV-monocure coatings, though it can also be used for dualcure counterparts.

The core of the whole system is the three-axis coating machine with two linear axes and one rotary axis. The coating machine is equipped with a conveying axis for mounting the racks and a rotary step axis for the positioning and rotation of the racks as well as the spraying axis. This configuration allows for generous distances between the side walls and spraying surface. With spray jets that are always aligned facing the rear wall, optimal coating without turbulence is ensured and contamination of the spraying booth interior kept to an absolute minimum.

To extract and clean the exhaust air, the spraying booth is equipped with a dry separation system with a special labyrinth system and paint stop filters.


Read the full article on http://www.automotivemanufacturingsolutions.com/process-materials/uv-cure-at-fehst. The article was published on Automotive Manufacturing Solutions on November 1st, 2013.